About All My Sims

Welcome to All My Sims, a blog created by me, Adana, about the lives of the sims within my own game!

About My Play Style

I play The Sims 2 (TS2) almost exclusively, and prefer to have a combination of self-made plot and storylines combined with wants, desires, and goals of my custom-created sims.  This means that there are plenty of times when my simmies refuse to go along with the plot I had in mind for them – but that’s okay!  I fully believe that writing is the art of discovery, and though my characters are technically machinations of a great game that’s already outdated by two series, they’re still characters – they still have wants, desires, goals, flaws, etc., and I treat them as such.  My characters are my babies… but sometimes a little tough love and a random roll of fate can make them quite miserable!

Personally, I’m a huge fan of utilizing a Randomized Scenario (RoS) list to keep things fresh.  For those of you who don’t know what an RoS is, it’s a list of different scenarios that fit both in-game and for storytelling purposes and work like small goals that can be stacked, but must be fulfilled.  For example, if I’m playing a household that I would consider boring at the moment, I would roll an RoS and try to complete those goals.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as “get a new wardrobe,” and other times something as drastic as “break up with your significant other” or tragic as “a sim must die by fire.”  Whatever the scenario, it can really serve to get the creative juices flowing and to keep me interested in a family or hood that might grow stale after playing long-term.

My sim hoods are played very much like soap operas, because that’s the way I like it!  You can expect lots of hook ups, affairs, unexpected pregnancies, flings, tragic relationships, and a few solid but sappy couples along the way.  I lean more toward the realistic end of things, so unless a hood was created with the specific intent and purpose of, for example, hunting down extraterrestrials, you probably won’t be seeing aliens and other supernaturals in my stories.

About Me

Finally, if you’re more interested in me, the author of All My Sims, keep on reading!

I’m basically just a long-time TS2 fan who has always had a love for books and writing.  I used to compete in state-wide writing competitions back in school, wrote lots of stories in my spare time, read like you wouldn’t believe, and involved myself in lots of online roleplaying forums of various genres.  My love of writing spread to TV and movies once I was a bit older (high school age), though I’ve never had any interest in writing screenplays or the like.

I live with my boyfriend of five years and our two cats, Xerxes the God King and Xena the Warrior Princess (shortened to Xerxes and Xena, of course) in Ohio.  We have no children, and do not plan to change that any time soon… though we would like to get a puppy!