Brandi (nee: Newbie) Broke


A lifelong resident of Pleasantview, Brandi once dreamed of making it big, but after an unexpected teen pregnancy dashed her grandiose dreams.  Her then boyfriend, Skip Broke, immediately proposed, but disapproval from both families resulted in the young couple moving out and struggling to make ends meet on their own.  Dustin couldn’t find work that paid well enough, and no one seemed to want to hire a pregnant teenage drop out, but Skip finally found a break by making a criminal contact downtown.  They married when Dustin was three years old in a private ceremony down at City Hall.

It was agreed that Brandi would stay at home to raise Dustin properly, and for many years, Brandi was devoted to this job.  Just when he was old enough and independent enough for her to return to work full time, she discovered that she was pregnant once more.  Fearful of the future of her family with Skip working such a dangerous job, Brandi filed a life insurance policy on her husband.

In early spring of 1990, Brandi’s life was turned upside down when came home from a play date with Beau to see Dustin in shock on the couch, and her husband in the backyard, drowned from a pool accident.  Now a widow of two children, jobless, and without any work skills or experience, Brandi is struggling to come to terms with her husband’s death and her new role as a single mother and widow.

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